T’nalak Home is not just a favorite home store by the locals; with beautiful furniture, pillows and wall accents, outstanding lamps, decorative kitchen and household items… it has a story. The store made the indigenous peoples’ dream into reality by giving glory to what bears their essence, that is their art and craftsmanship. With that in mind, the brand focuses heavily on these areas: world-class artisanship, design innovation, indigenous community livelihood and offering top-notch products & services to customers.
This story is fundamental in everything we do. This is the story we share and deliver to our customers from a single enduring product to our design concepts. We feed our customers’ mind with inspiration.
Be part of this story today, take a break and explore. Be inspired. We still have more stories to tell. If you want, you can share yours to us. We’re excited.

T’nalak Cloth

T’nalak is hand-woven fabric made of abaca fiber bythe T’boli tribe of Southern Mindanao, Philippines. The cloth, which bears the essence of the T’boli community, is hand crafted into decors
and gift items.

Home Accessories

T’nalak home is known for providing the metro with unique home accents, inspiration and a community of enthusiasts and artists with design collaborations.


T’nalak home is known for providing the metro with unique home accents, inspiration and a community of enthusiasts and artists with design collaborations.

Wall Decor

These stand-out wall accents will surely give you a happy interior. Our award-winning and iconic Bark Design has given birth to other patterns and designs that will surely win your hearts as well.


Add an accent of elegance to your interior with our creation of enduring items your tabletops will thank you for and your guests to talk about. Our artisans give close attention to structure and form to guarantee these table lovelies will compliment any home perfectly.


Mirrors with unique embellishments like shells, wood, cut glass challenge the function of classic mirrors and adds the dimension of decoration to an interior. Group these mirrors to create an art-gallery feel.


Entertain your guests and hosting in style with the beauty of hand-blown glass from European artisans. These clear and colored stand-out selection of glassware adds equal parts of elegance and luxury to the dining table with its sleek profile.


Upholding our promise of quality and good taste with our collection of versatile potteries. Export quality handmade and hand-glazed potteries from Mindanao, the functional range of serving dishes, cups and housewares compliment one another perfectly.

Fine Porcelain

These minimalist all-white fine porcelain or fine bone china ware instantly provide an air of elegance to any interior. Make sure to group two or more to create an arsenal of objet d’art that will surely accent your likewise sophisticated space.


T’nalak Home has the best collection of furniture from our local award-winning designers and production companies. We our known and trusted for our impeccable taste in both outdoor and indoor furnishings. We are committed to quality, comfort and aesthetic.


Our collection of fixture is diverse when it comes to materials but guaranteed designed based on the principle of providing light and beauty that add the element of functional art décor in the room.

Handmade Paper

A wide selection of banana handmade papers in plain colored and printed with various nature-themed patterns.  These papers are lovely to look at and textured to the touch which make them very charming and special .